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October 1, 2013: Over the coming months GYL will be transforming into a new and exciting format. Rather than focusing solely on License and Certification issues and opportunities, GYL will explore opportunities for, Loans, Leadership Forums, Legislation, Legal Advice, Learning Disabilities and just about anything that starts with the letter "L!"

This change occurs after 10 years of GYL profitability and, even as the GYL Domain is for sale, will continue to grow revenue for our advertisers and owners.

One exciting new feature will allow users, publishers and content writes/link builders, to post original articles on with embedded links at NO CHARGE! that's correct: You can advertise your site, product, service and ideas on GYL for free with a submitted article and embedded links!

We look forward to sharing these new opportunities with you and invite your participation beginning immediately! August 3, 2013 - Individual Contributor License Agreements:
When the internet was young, just a decade and a half ago. GYLŪ was birthed as a Vertical Niche Portal where one could inquire about a Contractor's License in California or any other state where a builders license or professional certification was/is required to be in place and in good standing prior to an individual or entity begins the work of construction. We soon figured out that while, at that time, Trade Licenses were our specialty, there were countless opportunities for GYLŪ (Get Your License) to expand and serve the needs of the world of licensing in bigger, faster and more cost effective ways than had been available to that point. Now, 15 years after GYLŪ got started as, there are literally thousands of websites that claim to offer information or instruction for those who seek to become licensed in his or her profession. The sad truth is that most of these sites are simple data mining sites that offer nothing but an opportunity to forward you information to a school or other service or consulting agency that handles the specific license that is needed. Not us! GYLŪ is here to serve all of your license and professional certification needs. Our staff and partners have broad expertise in obtaining commercial licenses for market uses, product permissions and licensing, patent and trademark consulting, prototype construction and development and virtually all areas of claiming ownership of intellectual property. Yes, we still offer resources for Contractor's Licenses (primarily in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico and Arizona) but we do not keep ourselves limited by any particular niche. We are looking for help and have a proposal for others that are interested in licensing or branding, career certifications or other areas not mentioned here: We will offer you and your firm a full page on to explain your expertise and embed links to your firm's sit FREE OF CHARGE provided that your article has never been published on the internet before and that you, by sending your article and or page idea to, grant us license to use your work product (the article only) for an indefinite period as published on only. And, like stated previously, we will in turn give you a full page of text content under a unique heading on our license and certification website. So, get writing!

May 15, 2012: Sacramento CA: The main stream media spam that "reports" that there are increases in Construction Jobs in this state are completley without merit. There are few indicators that have a greater relevance to track new housing and other construction start-ups and those indicators signify that there is still a bottom that the construction industy has yet to reach and may not reach for some time to come. Among other issues, over-regulation and laws that were put in place by state legislatures during the so-called "good times" are now having negative effects on the efforts to help any significant economic recovery. There is a thriving unlicensed underworld of construction that puts homeowners and business owners, as well as the employees they could hire, at risk. Contact Contractor Services at 916-363-7466 for information on how to avoid fines and license suspensions and/or revocations.

January, 2012:New regulations have taken effect that will have serious consequences on certain types of license holders and diferent business entities. In California for example: For the first time in the state's history the CSLB will begin to issue licenses to LLC's as contractors. BE VERY AWARE of the hidden dangers in going that route with your firm. Not unlike many of California's anti-business regulations, this new law will allow for fines of $1 Million dollars per member of an LLC that becomes suspended of is out of compliance with the Secretary of state for almost any reason. Contact GYL today to avoid these hazards and costly fees.

December 20, 2011 License News Alert: The end of the year is close and there are fee schedules in many states, counties and local jusridictions that will rise. Some will rise significantly. Get your Contractor's License Application into the appropriate agency before the deadlines in order to avoid some costly fees.

November 4, 2011-SACRAMENTO, CA - The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) wants its licensees to be aware of a warning issued this week by the California State Board of Equalization (BOE). Licensees are urged to be wary of misleading business solicitations from companies that mimic official correspondence from a government agency. BOE says businesses have informed the board of notices they have received from the "California Labor Compliance Bureau," requesting immediate payment of a "processing fee" of $275. The "California Labor Compliance Bureau" is not a government agency. The notices use public information, such as BOE account numbers and industry codes, which give them the appearance of official correspondence. The "processing fee" is purportedly for labor-related notices that California employers are required to post at their business premises informing employees of their legal rights under the National Labor Relations Act. The notices in question are available free of charge on the National Labor Relations Board's (NLRB) website. BOE is not affiliated with the California Labor Compliance Bureau. BOE Correspondence always features the BOE's title and/or logo and contains contact information. If you receive a notice and question whether it is official BOE correspondence, you should contact your local BOE office or contact the BOE's Information Call Center at 800-400-7115. The NLRB can assist licensees with questions regarding required notices at 202-273-0064

September 25,2011 - GYL will assist with Gambling & Product Licensing in California. Prospective Casino and Card Room owners as well as those American inventors with the next "big idea" can now submit information requests through the GYL Gambling or Product Licensing Information links (above) for a free consultation on the processes of being licensed.

July, 20 2011 - The California Contractor's State License Board (CSLB) does not offer exam preparation as one may expect. While there are several "suggested reading" links and other topical information related to the 43 different trade classifications and the Law & Business Examinations, there are much better and time-proven ways to guarantee that an applicant will pass his or he exam by using the California License Services ® time tested and up-to-date exam and test preparation courses. For more information about how to pass your State License Exam the first time click here: California Contractor License

June 28, 2011 - California Contractor's State License Board will increase All License Application fees effective July 1, 2011. During the extreme downturn felt harder in no area perhaps than the once burgeoning Construction Industry in California, the State's Contractors License Board will raise fee for all contractors' exam and test /exam waiver applications for everyone fom General Builders to Lanscapers and Specialty Licensee's after legislation passed in better times becomes yet another example of government run amok and the law of unintended consequences are again on display.

Click Here for more information on this subject: California Contractor License

A Message From our Founder

In today's challenging economic climate, professional certifications and vocational licensing have never been more important or more vital to job security or finding a new job than now. The "daily news" is filled with dire statistics and dismal unemployment numbers that leave many job seekers, especially those who have been "laid off" from a job feeling tense and anxious with regards to future opportunities. Politicians who pledge "reform" during their campaigns seem to forget them as soon as they take their respective "oaths" of office. We here at GYL monitor changes in licensing requrements and pending legislation across the country that would have an impact on professional licenses, the Licensing Lndustry and the Career School or Post Secondary Education industries. .

Here at our goal is to help you: That is our oath and we never forget! If you are an inventor looking for a way to license your idea to a manufacturer or particular industry; If want to start a new caeer or choose a second career path, maintain the professional credentials and licenses you need to keep and advance in your current job and field of expertise, or need help exploring opportunities that will stabilize your financial security for decades to come, is atyour service. We are also here as a landing spot for Specialty Training Schools and special types of license and/or certification consultants that are laser focused on the area you have an interest or need in.

As Founder and Senior Consultant of this firm, it is my goal to help you find your professional niche in a very competitive job market and product development marketplace. Our license and career school consultants are here to help you chart your future whether in the Construction Industry of California, a Personal Trainer to "The Stars of Hollywood" or as a Gourmet Chef in the Fancy Food Service and Culinary Industry in New York, The GYL Professional License. Career School & Certification Directory is a growing tool for the education, professional consultation and representation, license & certification, exam preparation and employment placement assistance you need to meet and achieve your goals. No matter what you may hear from some "talking head" on T.V., there are plenty of real money opportunities in the United States that are not "get rich" scams. Please contact us at if you need personal assistance.

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